FL PG 01For users of an arm prosthesis, we generally recommend a Free Lock Prosthesis Grip (FL-PG). This system can be attached to the socket in combination with a fixed or changeable wrist adapter. To optimize the range of motion, the Free Lock PG is fitted with a buid-in wrist unit to limit its end range. Supported by a polyurethane dampening block and a stainless steel limiter, the sideways range of motion wil be set.

The Free Lock-system is available in the following anodized colors: silver, black, red and blue. Futhermore there is the possibillity to combine the colors to create a unique look.

In most cases, the Free Lock PG can be 'hidden' in a slightly adapted motorcycle glove. The front part of the Free Lock PG will slide in the middle finger of the glove. The palm of the glove has to be adapted to give the gripping mechanism access to the handlebar.