FL erikpaskamp01 1000The Free Lock-system is a mechanical device, developed in such a way that it locks itself to the handlebar when accelerating of decelerating a (motor)cycle. In case of an unlooked-for crash, collision or applied forces greater than pre set, the system will unlock. 

Combined with a well-fitting prosthesis or orthosis, the Free Lock system enables an even load to the handlebars. Pulling and pushing forces are evenly distributed on both arms. Muscles, tendons and ligaments of the affected side will be used (again) causing the neurologic systems to be activated as a result. Many people with a prosthesis or orthosis show overload complaints on the unaffected side of the body. From a therapeutic point of view, being able to use both arms again can be a great benefit.

 The Free Lock-system offers, next to a solid grip on (motor)cycle handlebars, a highly usefull grip on cilindrical shapes with a certain diameter (closed hand grip). One can for example think of shopping carts, strollers, wheelbarrows, fitness devices and so on. In that perspective the system proves its value even in every day use.

  • The mechanical system is not dependent on electrical current or other vulnerable factors. Locking or unlocking the Free Lock wil therefore not be affected bij external influences like rain, snow, zand, dirt, dust or extreme variations in temperature. When the system is checked upon and gets maintanance on a regular base (i.e. before every use), the chance of malfunctions is virtually none.
  • The preset force for the Free Lock-system to unlock, is adjustable by an adjusting screw on the rear end of the body.
  • On the handlebars, a specially designed handle will be mounted. It is manufactured from a wear-resistant plastic with three compartments, to supply the most stable grip. The handle is 30mm in diameter and it ensures controlled movement and enables fine-tuning of the system.
  • The Free Lock-system allows for a 20 degrees range of motion  in all directions. Tilting above 20 degrees results in unlocking the system at a preset force. This angle is generally large enough for even the most demanding (motor)cyclist.
  • Most parts of the system are milled from a high-quality aluminum. To prevent corrosion these parts are anodized in several colors and this gives the system its classy look as well.
  • There are two versions of the Free Lock-system available: Free Lock Prosthesis Grip (FL-PG) and Free Lock Orthosis Grip (FL-OG)
  • Free Lock OG can also be used with smaller prosthesis for childeren.
  • A complete Free Lock-system can be offered with various connections to wrist adapters. Custom made connectors can also be developed for special needs.
  • Stel Orthopedie also offers the oportunity to measure, fit and produce an entire prosthesis or orthosis with Free Lock-system for you or your clients.

While riding a motorcycle, quad, trike, scooter, mountain bike or road cycle, great forces are released on the prosthesis or orthosis. Therefore it is very important to take into account these great forces when designing and manufacturing the orthopedic device.

An orthopedic device intended for basic daily use is mostly constructed significantly lighter and for that reason not suitable for fitting the Free Lock-system. All materials used in manufacturing have to be of very high quality and the construction itself needs to be constructed extra solid.

In case of a separately ordered Free Lock system, Stel Orthopedie is not liable for any damage caused.