Free Lock HistoryThe Free Lock-system replaces the natural grip of the hand on a motorcycle- or bicycle handlebar. In the mid-nineties, the first version of the system was developed in collaboration with the project group 'Motorcycle Mobility for the Disabled' (MMvG in Dutch). This version was specially intended for motorcyclists with disabilities of arms and hands.

Nowadays the Free Lock-system is a high-quality orthopedic appliance that is used for more than just riding a motorcycle. Cyclists and mountainbikers with a disability can use the system as wel. Great results were achieved on both amateur and professional levels, including multiple paralympic medals and world championships.

Free Lock was created and developed by Wilfred Mijnheer of Stel Orthopedie BV. Since 1995 the system has been going through a huge evolution. Every new version makes use of the latest insights concerning safety, materials and new possibillities.

Groepsfoto MMvG

The project group 'Motorcycle Mobility for the Disabled' (MMvG) was founded in 1995 to give people with physical disabillities the opportunity to ride a motorcycle. It's a world wide unique collaboration between authorities and commercial companies. Over the last 25 years, the project group helped many hundreds of motorcyclists (back) on the road. Both legal admission as wel as adapting the motorcycle, rider training and (when needed) an orthopedic device are offered via this project.

The project group MMvG consists of the following companies: Lukens Tuning Service, Koops Novl Opleidingen and Stel Orthopedie. Within the project group, there is a close cooperation with 'CBR' (Dutch examination authority) and 'RDW' (Dutch technical scruteneering authority).

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